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A short summary of the journey in summer 2009 to Norway and Sweden

(ein ausführlicherer Bericht und mehr Bilder finden sich unter:Teil 1, Teil 2, Teil 3, Teil 4, Teil 5, Teil 6)

I had a refreshing sleep in the overnight train to Aalborg and indeed nice company. A short trip to Hirtshals to catch the ferry tomorrow.

The ferry brought all of us save and dry to Kristiansand but heavy rain was the partner for 80km in the evening to Evje. No photo ;-)

Many sheep on the way to Lysebotn. "to be a perfect member of a flock of sheep you need to become a sheep". Up&down up to 1050m, a long day.

Sitting at the Preikestolen and thinking about questions to the answer 42. Slartibartfas did a excellent job in Norway. Time to go on ...

Wishful thinking: cruising along the fjordline would be a straight and easy journey. Quite a bit of rain was an additional extra treat ;-)

From Sauda far up in a magic valley and a long way through the mines of Moria (tunnel). Huge waterfalls in Kinsarvik. Rain all day long...

More sun today and after a day in the mountains again from Kinsarvik to Vik, a swim in the Fjord 1, the Sognefjord, was a cool treat.

An easy day was planned. But after 80km the Sognefjelveien was an irresistable temptation. Northern Europes highest pass, 1450m, starts at 0

Loms Stavkirke is nearly as famous as the Geirangerfjord. It would be even more impressive if it wouldn't rain all the time. Its fun anyway

Miraculous Geirangerfjord from Ornevegen was covered by rainy fog like yesterday, but later Trollstigen and Andalsnes have been fun today.

Norways tunnel authority stated: Thou shall not pass and more road works ahead forced me to Oppdal with strong wind, blue sky from east.

A rainy day again, time to cover less interesting distances: Oppdal to A or Afjord as it is called, 235km in a bit more than 10hours.

A day full of rain, from dawn till dusk, spending most of the day inside the tent reading and listening to audio books and the rain :-)

Norway without Elks? This morning at 8 there was a Elk crossing road 715. Namsos was the destination on a cold and rainy day.

The second half of the day was sunny and cycling in Somna was excellent fun with a breathtaking view. Namsos to Bronnoysund was on the menu.

3 long ferries today slowed down the pace along road 17 to the north. Nesna was the chosen place on a cloudy and windy day.

Crossing the polar circle on the road E6. If a day was not your friend, it was your teacher. Lesson today was simple: heavy rain all day.

Didnt stop raining but the shapes of the clouds grew more interesting during the day. The mighty Saltstraumen is worth a visit every day.

Blue sky and a very nice journey on the islands called Lofoten today. Currently drinking Earl Grey and enjoying the sea nearby.

Quite a few tourists are visiting this remote islands and a fair share is touring by bike. After some early rain a very enjoyable clear day.

Leaving the Lofoten and last day in Norway. Again a excellent trip of 163km, only one ferry, taking pictures needs time :-) close to Narvik.

Kiruna has a special flair. Old fashioned industry, a frequently used railway line to Narvik and breathtaking wilderness at the doorstep.

Animagus day: first a hare close to the tent, two deer and a elk, one crossing the road fast without looking left or right, pretty close.

Inlandsbanan to Östersund: endless stretch of lakes, rivers, swamps and forests. Big festival waited in Ö hope my tent stays put the night.

Lots of time and short distance to go. 220km on todays trip to Lofsdalen didnt help :-) maybe a short visit to Oslo will do the trick

Small roads via Idre to the lake Femunden back in Norway. Quite a few hills to climb by bike, plenty of wild life and lakes. A joyfull day.

A day to hug trees, hunt trolls, and tickle elk. But a rain that lasted all day long suggested a trip to Elverum. Lets call it a day.

Along the rivers Glama and Glomma via Kongsvinger and Skarnes on the way to Oslo. Another day of rain and limited sight.

In Oslo. CheckIn at Ekeberg camping at 12.05 for 2 nights, a short holiday and break from daily routine :-) a foggy morning but sunny now.

Sightseeing in Oslo. Excellent weather, a joyfull time in Vigelandsparken, at the harbour, in Frogner and the city. Heading south tomorrow.

On small roads through farming land and Norwegian Woods to the impressive castle in Halden and a bit south for a nice swim in Iddetfjorden.

Leaving Norway and turning further west to stroll along the coast to Lysekil, and a bit further towards Göteborg on a mostly sunny day.

Strolling along the Swedish coast. Through Göteborg and a bit south to Asa. Some rain during the day but clearing up in the evening.

Backcountry Sweden on unpaved roads to a small lake near Gislaved and as there were to many Preissn around continued to go further east.

Exploring Sweden on small country roads heading southeast somewhere close to Urshult, an area with many lakes. Short and heavy rain.

Leaving the lakes behind and back to the coast. Spending half a day south of Kristianstad, after a trip of only 125km on a sunny beach.

Crossing Sweden from east to west with heavy head wind and very impressive dark and towering clouds. 5028km since Hirtshals 5 weeks ago.

Entering Denmark. Visiting Hamlets castle, strolling along the northern shore before turning southeast again for a swim at the east coast.

After excellent, refreshing and joyfull days with Jesper and his family, the train to Munich is leaving in a few minutes. End of holiday.

(ein ausführlicherer Bericht und mehr Bilder finden sich unter:Teil 1, Teil 2, Teil 3, Teil 4, Teil 5, Teil 6)